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Original Anthro(s): Digital Line Art
Line Art -- Stephanie at the Bar by RaccoonPioneer
Preview--Interrogation by RaccoonPioneer
Preview: Trevor's Fallen Angels by RaccoonPioneer
PRVW: Kiki Baibai by RaccoonPioneer
A simple, easy-to-color line art of original anthro characters. All files will be delivered as JPEG/PNG files.
Original Anthro(s): Flat Digital Color Drawing
Rob Von Raccoonavania by RaccoonPioneer
Bikini Babe Willow by RaccoonPioneer
Lightfoot Wild Take by RaccoonPioneer
Jasmine and Skunk Jasmine by RaccoonPioneer
Upgrade to a flat colored drawing of original characters. All files will be delivered as JPEG/PNG files.
Original Anthro(s): Detailed Digital Color Drawing
Angela Fox at the Beach by RaccoonPioneer
Angela Renard as Lara Croft by RaccoonPioneer
AT: Dusk the Vixen by RaccoonPioneer
Kiki Baibai by RaccoonPioneer
Upgrade to a digital color drawing with shadows and highlights. All files will be delivered as JPEG/PNG files.

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Artist | Professional | Varied
United States
Howdy -- I'm RaccoonPioneer, an independent cartoonist with a vision to become a professional in the field of cartoons. My real name is William and I'm from the former coal mining and steel mill capitals of the world, Pennsylvania.

Originally I would draw all my cartoons on paper and photograph them; this is going back to 2010, when I first joined the DeviantArt community. Starting in 2011, I began editing my drawings with Photoshop, just to enhance the color and line art. Then, come 2014, I started using Illustrator to enhance the line art further still, though I was resorting to a point-and-click routine -- a time-consuming process. 2015, the line art was refined more so, with my latest addition to artistic tools: a Wacom drawing tablet. It took me a few months of getting used to drawing with a Wacom tablet before I abandoned traditional pencil drawings. Starting in August 2015, most of my drawings, unless noted in the descriptions, have been done entirely on the Wacom tablet. And while the tablet has proven helpful to me with Illustrator and Photoshop, I have yet to try it with Adobe Flash.

In addition to the cartoon drawings in my gallery, I also post my own astrophotography images. This is another one of my artistic hobbies, and a fairly recent one, combining the hobbies of astronomy and photography into a common past time activity. I would consider myself a beginner astrophotographer. This is due to my limited window of opportunities; this is a hobby that requires ideal weather conditions -- no clouds, limited moisture, etc. -- and little, preferably no, light pollution (artificial light). Despite these limitations, I will be expanding on the astrophotography section of my gallery in time.

Feel free to drop by and chat, whether by posting on my profile or sending me a private message.

Current residence: Southeast Pennsylvania
Favorite cartoon director: Tex Avery
Favorite cartoon style: Classical Warner Brothers style (1930s-50s)
Favorite food(s): Pizza, Pasta, Chili, Bread, Cheese
Operating System: Windows 7
Art program(s) of choice: Adobe Illustrator CS6, Adobe Photoshop CS6, Adobe Flash Professional CS6
Camera of choice: Canon Rebel T3i
Telescope of choice: TeleVue NP101i

Supporter of CapitalismProud to be an American

No to Communism

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Journal History

If anyone’s curious as to what’s on my plate in regards to art projects, here’s an updated list of requests and trades I owe.


  • The Pack in Concert for Fox-Jake - work in progress (preliminary line art stage)
  • Oliver Red for Warner Republic - project not yet started


  • Ariel, Nano, and Galatea for DayDreamerForever95 - project incomplete
  • Randy for JulianKoehler3751 - work in progress (final line art stage)


In addition to these projects I owe, there are a few others worth mentioning:

S.U.I. (Seduction Under Influence) - in this example, Trevor Sionnach is being pinned down by Stephanie Von Raccoonavania on a couch. Stephanie is under the influence of a curve-enhancement pill, which gives any woman who takes it larger curves. Yet, the side effects make it a very dangerous consumable; as a result of taking the pills, Stephanie’s become a man-seeking bimbo, even if it means seeking a man who isn’t her husband!

Flirter - a first-time encounter between Lightfoot Von Raccoonavania and FrontPageNews12’s character Ginny, a young and attractive blonde-haired vixen. Somehow Ginny knows that Lightfoot has a thing for vixens, so she decides to have a little fun with the raccoon by being a flirter.

Icon: DeviantArt - while this is technically not a true project, meaning it won’t be a part of my main gallery, it is worth noting nonetheless. This is meant to be a replacement icon for my profile. As of this day, my current icon dates back to 2011, the earliest - 2012 the latest. Either way, my profile’s required a replacement icon.

The Bilingual Argument (digital coloring) - following Rob’s rejecting of Trevor Sionnach and Isabella Vulpea’s offer to become a fellow treasure hunter, Stephanie decides to have a little talk with Rob over his decision. Their talk quickly escalades to an argument, one in which Stephanie speaks in Spanish, while Rob speaks in German. Despite the language barrier, the two understand what the other is saying.

Farmyard Cutie - for the MLP fans, this is a fan art project in which an anthropomorphic Applejack leans against a barrel, while eating an apple. Based on my knowledge of the character, Applejack doesn’t seem to have any time to seek a relationship with stallions. What does this have to do with the fan art you may ask? Applejack is set to have a look that suggests that she wants to get herself acquainted with a stallion.

PRR 7002 - a digital inking and coloring of a photograph I’ve taken of a former Pennsylvania Railroad E6 Atlantic-type (4-4-2) steam engine, the 7002. I had started this project back in 2013, but haven’t had the inspiration to finish it, nor the skill or equipment. That said, I’ll be giving this project a fresh start.

Napping Raccoon - following a long night of traveling in pursuit of retreating communists, Rob Von Raccoonavania lies down on the job. Originally set to depict the raccoon cowboy with a box filled with instant tumbleweed seeds, the drawing will be modified to include different props; not sure what exactly yet, but that will be determined later.

I Follow the Stream - inspired by the song of the same name by Bob Nolan, Rob Von Raccoonavania sits by the side of a stream in the middle of a thick forest. The raccoon cowboy, in dealing with stress, would go find a quiet spot along a stream to meditate, to set his mind at ease.


With these projects on my plate, it’s going to be a little while before you see any new art in my gallery. Stay tuned for any updates over the next few weeks; these projects may get done sooner than expected.

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No Requests No Art Trades Commissions are Open! No Gifts No Collaborations

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