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Original Cartoon Character - Digital Line Art
Line Art -- Stephanie at the Bar by RaccoonPioneer
Preview--Interrogation by RaccoonPioneer
Preview: Trevor's Fallen Angels by RaccoonPioneer
A simple, easy-to-color line art of original cartoon characters. All files will be delivered as png files.
Original Cartoon Character - Flat Digital Color Drawing
Lightfoot Raccoon by RaccoonPioneer
Tina Mink's Debut by RaccoonPioneer
AT--Natalie, the Cutie by RaccoonPioneer
Upgrade to a flat colored drawing of original characters. All files will be delivered as png files.
Original Cartoon Character - Detailed Digital Color Drawing
Angela Fox at the Beach by RaccoonPioneer
Grim Grinning Ghost by RaccoonPioneer
Upgrade to a digital color drawing with shadows and highlights. All files will be delivered as png files.
Add a Colored Background
Add a flat colored background (single color/gradient) to your commission for 100 extra points.
Add a Simple Background
Add a simple flat background (landscapes, buildings, waterscapes, etc.) to your commission for only 350 points
Add a Detailed Background
Add a detailed background (landscapes, buildings, waterscapes, etc.) to your commission for 200 points.
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RaccoonPioneer's Profile Picture
Artist | Professional | Varied
United States
Howdy -- I'm RaccoonPioneer, an independent cartoonist with a vision to become a professional in the field of cartoons. My real name is William and I'm from the former coal mining and steel mill capitals of the world, Pennsylvania. While I may not draw as frequently as other artists, and my techniques may have become obsolete, I tend to stick with a draw-on-paper, edit-with-software approach to my art. Most of my drawings you'll find in my gallery were drawn on paper, and then edited in Photoshop (for my earlier drawings) and/or Illustrator (for my more recent drawings, starting in 2013). I'm also exploring the option of animating my cartoons, though my efforts have been limited. Only one of my many drawings has been animated, though incompletely while looping every 2-3 seconds; it's a start.

In addition to the cartoon drawings in my gallery, I also post my own astrophotography images. This is another one of my artistic hobbies, and a fairly recent one, combining the hobbies of astronomy and photography into a common past time activity. I would consider myself a beginner astrophotographer. This is due to my limited window of opportunities; this is a hobby that requires ideal weather conditions -- no clouds, limited moisture, etc. -- and little, preferably no, light pollution (artificial light). Despite these limitations, I will be expanding on the astrophotography section of my gallery in time.

Feel free to drop by and chat, whether by posting on my profile or sending me a private message.

Current residence: Central Pennsylvania
Favorite cartoon director: Tex Avery
Favorite cartoon style: Classical Warner Brothers style (1930s-50s)
Favorite food(s): Pizza, Pasta, Chili, Bread, Cheese
Operating System: Windows 7
Art program(s) of choice: Adobe Illustrator CS6, Adobe Photoshop CS6, Adobe Flash Professional CS6
Camera of choice: Canon Rebel T3i
Telescope of choice: TeleVue NP101i

Supporter of CapitalismProud to be an American

No to Communism

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Journal History

After a few delays in working with the Angela Renard as Lara Croft project, the project is now officially completed.  I’m really quite happy with the outcome of the image.  It’s not often that I go as far as adding shadows and highlights to an image, let alone attempting to do a tunnel scene.  From now on, all my future digital edits will be processed with a combination of Illustrator (for line art) and Photoshop (for in-depth coloring).  Now that this project is out of the way, work will resume on the following digital edits: Clara and Stephanie at the Beach and Thank You Very Much!  Work will also resume on a long overdue art trade involving a human character, in addition to a request I owe Wolfie-Jake.  For those who wish to see the colored Angela Renard drawing, the unveiling of this image will be postponed until I have some additional digital edits completed.

   While the unveiling of the Angela Renard drawing will be on hold, and with four projects to keep me busy, I’ve also taken the time to work on some side projects.  One such project is a sketch depicting Rob von Raccoonavania with a sinister-looking smile--a project I call Five Nights at Bullet-tail’s.  This sketch was inspired by the popular video game fad Five Nights at Freddy’s, the title screen in particular.  In future, I may begin writing the parody as part of my upcoming web comic “The Tumbleweed Rangers.”  But unlike the video game, where the protagonist is the night watchman, the antagonists (Rob’s enemies) are the night guards.  More of the story will be revealed in a future update.  For now, only Rob’s face has been put down on paper.  Progress on this project has been slow, what with my concentration being centered on some fan art of two original characters alongside my character Stephanie von Raccoonavania.

   To add on to my growing collection of fan arts of original characters, my second side project is set to feature Stephanie von Raccoonavania, joining a professional wrestling match with two rising stars: MysteryFanBoy's original characters Tori and Jasmine Mofeta.  The story behind this sketch is that the Mofeta sisters are prepping for a wrestling match, but they need a third player for their team.  Stephanie reluctantly signs up, following an incident where she beats up a pervert who’s been following her around.  The Mofeta sisters would catch sight of this and come to the belief that Stephanie is the right material for their wrestling match; it was a matter of getting a third player or forfeiting the match entirely.  So far, Stephanie and Jasmine are close to being completed; just got to add the missing parts to their arms and hands.  Work on Tori remains incomplete, with the exception of her head and neck.  More progress will be made over the next few weeks.

   Having done many drawings of Rob, the other Tumbleweed Rangers characters, and fan arts of a limited variety of original characters, and with some consideration, I may attempt drawing some vehicles for a change of pace.  Now unlike my attempt with my rarely used character, Northern the Steam Train, I am thinking about drawing a steam engine with a more British feel to the design.  My efforts on drawing steam engines have been limited to North American designs--the 4-8-4 northern types in particular.  My next attempt at steam engines, should I commit to it anytime soon, will involve sketching out a British tank engine, one that is of LNER (London & North Eastern Railway) or LMS (London, Midland, & Scottish) design.  Can’t decide which one to choose from there; both railways had interesting classes of tank engine designs, from suburban, heavy freight, or banking (or helper in US railroad terminology) tanks.

   Beyond that, I’ve gotten around to ordering a drawing tablet.  It should arrive in a few days; really hoping to speed up all my digital editing projects with this purchase, and to attempt going paperless with all future projects.  In some previous attempts to go paperless, and with a computer mouse no less, I found it rather difficult to achieve.  Despite this, I have a few projects that remain unfinished where I was using the mouse to adjust vector lines; these projects will be finished using this same technique, while my newer projects will be done with the drawing tablet.

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